Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where is here?

"X" marks the spot.
While meditating one day I kept bringing myself back to the present, to my breath, by telling myself "Be here." or "Come back here." and "Welcome back!" And then I thought, "I am here." I'm here physically. Sometimes I'm elsewhere mentally, yet when I am "elsewhere" I am "here" in the thought. And then wondered where "here" really is.

Is here where my physical body resides? Yes. Is here where my mind is? Yes. Especially when I'm meditating because when I'm sitting in a chair and following my breath the only way to go anywhere is in my mind. Which brings me to my emotional state.

At some point I have to acknowledge my emotional state while I'm meditating. Because there always is one. The way I'm feeling influences where I go mentally and how difficult it is to stay present. And that's another place, another "here."

When I'm reading a book or watching a movie, particularly a engaging fantasy, I'm somewhere else entirely. Which is here and not here. Dreaming is another state that puts me in a dualistic "here."

There's also the parallel, tangental, and intersecting universes that spread out from where I am, spread out in mind and body and spirit. And spirit is another way to be "here."

For me, here is anywhere my awareness resides. I've kinda decided where "here" is can't be determined and doesn't really matter.

Where is "here" for you?

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