Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interesting Beginnings: Crucible

"This crucible leaks something horrible," the first magician said, poking into the carved stone bowl on the table. "What are we supposed to do?"

Two others stood beside him.

 "We aren't supposed to do anything," said one. "It's what are we going to do?"

"Dunno," said the first. "We can't do bloody anything with this piece of shit." 

"Sssshhhh!" said the other. "You'll offend it."

"Offend it? How can you offend a piece of stone?"

"Everyone knows crucibles have inner lives. You need their cooperation," said the other, a smart woman and the best witch of the age.

"Well, this one's been cooperationed out," said the magician. His black hair fell over his eyes and he shook it out. He put his wand back in his pocket.

"We'll get another," said the third one, a young man with shocking red hair. "Here." He pointed to the dusty shelves behind him against the wall. "Bound to be another one."

The magician sighed. "We need this one! Or weren't you paying attention?"

The woman sighed. "Yes, we were all paying attention, but you can hardly get the cooperation of a broken crucible."

"We're meant to use this one! It's in the prophecy. It's in the book. It's the one made for the job." The magician practically screamed. He'd had a very long day and he was wet from the storm.

"Well," the woman sniffed. "Obviously the prophecy has got it wrong."

"The prophecy can't get it wrong."

"Yes. Yes it can. It's only written by a man." The woman gave the magician a dangerous look.

"And passed down by many others," said the young red head. He stood between them holding a granite crucible and pestle. "I found these ... over there." He pointed a dank corner of the shelves. They were covered in dust balls held in place by thick cobwebs.

"You could have cleaned it first," said the woman.

"Thought we were in a hurry," said the boy.

"And how do you expect us to mix anything in a crucible filled with dirt?" She sneered at him and pulled the crucible from his grasp.

"Ow!" he said.
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