Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Weekly Round

 No  matter how hard I try, who I promise, or what number of interesting topics flit through my mind, once a week seems to be the limit on this blog.

I have noticed that my other output to twitter and the facebook page is also down. I guess all this activity is indoor stuff.

What I really need to do is officially become the Traffic Nazi with a subspecialty in bicycles. But that would mean research and discovering that someone is already at it and I would have to specialize or at least distinguish myself some way. Or I could, I suppose, be just another traffic blogger. I would get some release from my frustrations. I know from past experience that the best way to exorcise anger and irritation is to write about it on a blog. The anger goes away. I wonder if the buddhists have considered it in addition to meditation?

Anyway, all I have today are two drawings I made of me in differing color palettes. Don't ask me to make one for you. I'll never get around to it even if I say yes.

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