Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best of Skies Project: Bryce

Here are the best of the skies, made with or from Bryce, during my Skies 365 Project. I chose them for originality (not a Bryce preset sky) and mood. There seem to be two basic variations: light and dark. The dark skies were inspired by seeing a red moon rising one fall evening at the beach. Anytime you see a night sky that transports you without conscious effort to early morning sun rising on doomsday, it tends to affect you. Dark Light comes closest to what I actually saw  that night. I did take a photo with my phone, but it's not very good and I had to do things to it to make it look right.

I prefer day, apparently, since there are more of those. 

Orange, 2012

Red Dawning Water, 2012

Rocky Yellow, 2012

102911, 2011

Foggy Water, 2011

Blue Sky Haze, 2012

Ashnight with Stars, 2011

Dark Light, 2011

Moon Obsession (glowing), 2011
Next steps would be to make these commercially available. I have a couple of online spots where you can find them. I could also make physical prints for my next showing in September. Sounds like a lot of work, even just thinking about it. Better get started then!

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