Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest Post: I am not a stone

When I was newly married
I read a book
It talked about the option of not having children

That a woman could choose not to have children.
For two years, I did not.

Then, I found that I was pregnant
And suddenly, I felt a part of the world.
I was a part of the stream of life

With the birth of my granddaughter, I realized that I was still a part of it.
I was not stagnant, like a rock in the middle of the stream—not moving, and life moving around it.

I am not like a stone that has been thrown to the side of the riverbank—alone and forgotten.

I am the water, still flowing endlessly down stream to the greater river, out to sea—around and back—flowing, moving, living.
Dianne O'Donnell

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