Monday, July 23, 2012

Under Water

I had a consultation with a woman from HUD today. As she went down the list of expenses I found myself saying that I no longer buy clothes, get my hair cut, or go out to eat. I saw a picture of myself as person being shut out from society and also from any possible potential future opportunities that might arise through networking. And not just me but all the others like myself who have been out of work for a very long time indeed.

My conclusion: if you want to help an out-of-work friend get them a haircut, gather around a bunch of friends, and take them out to dinner. And then keep doing it. Keep them in circulation. Dropping out is the worst that can happen because it takes being in circulation to do just about anything.

As the unemployed drop out of circulation they are forgotten. And thus into the ever increasing downward spiral. I like to think there's another world under the blue of the ocean. I hope I find it.
Underwater Sky (2011)

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