Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finding My Himal

Since forever I've resorted to saying, "I'm going to go sit on a mountain top in Nepal!" when things got rough. Well, they're rough now and I'm focused on making my own Himalayan mountains.

The topological map import into Bryce didn't work, mostly because I couldn't find a free one that was appropriate. I tried making my own by drawing over a screen shot. Not very successful either. I ended up with lots of alien towers instead of mountains.

So, I resigned myself to making mountains in Bryce that sort of approximate a Himal feel. These are the best ones so far:
Generated these using the Bryce Fractal:Slickrock filter with a bit of Erode and Smoothing thrown in.
Not totally enamored of the texture. The shape is nice and the snow is in good spots.
You can see other attempts on my Facebook fan page.

Did you know that Nepal is like the Switzerland or Netherlands of Asia? People move in and across from all surrounding countries. There doesn't seem to really be a "native" Nepalese. In the south it's Indian Nepal and in the North it's Tibetan Nepal. Yet somehow all these people live and let live together.

There's a lot of photos, movies, and stories on Mark Horrell's site. Almost like being there.

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