Wednesday, August 22, 2012

4 Basic Steps to Letting Go

  1. Awareness. Before you can work on anything you must be aware. Issues enter into awareness in many ways. So, start with what you already know, what you are aware of. This can also be named "pay attention." Whatever you are aware of is where you begin. Enhanced by: Meditation
  2. Understanding. Use awareness to stay focused on the issue. Don't berate yourself for having a problem, don't condemn the problem or label it, simply watch and pay attention. Learn exactly what the feeling, notion, habit, or thought is. Gather as much information as you can. Feel deeply. Experience fully. You can't get good information when you label, constrict, or limit knowledge. Open up and see all there is to see. Enhanced by: Research, Study
  3. Objectify. If you continue to kindly pay attention, you will begin to objectify your understanding. You develop a sense of humor about it. You speak and think about it as a mere fact. "Oh, so that's how I do that!" "This feeling is arises when ever I ______!" You might find yourself laughing when you notice how and when you express or do this thing. It is no longer a horrible habit or a faulty feeling, it is simply that funny thing that you do. You are outside of the thing, seeing it as something attached to you, but not of you. Enhanced by: Meditation, Sharing
  4. Let Go. Now you can let go. You see the attachment as something outside yourself. You see how it is activated and where, exactly, it is attached. Like a balloon on a string, you simply open your hand and let go.
This is not easy and will not happen overnight. You will have to repeat a step until you feel the next one coming into you. This is not a thought process. It is an experiential process. No shortcuts. No instant karma. No particular time table. Some issues will take a life time.

Choose a type of meditation that benefits you. Find teachers that make sense and help you advance. All good paths lead to the same outcome. Choose the path that is right for you.

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