Thursday, January 31, 2013

iPhone 4S in a vintage note pad skin

Finished the iPhone 4S skin I started earlier. I am delighted with it. And pleased that Decal Girl has made creating custom skins easy. I bought three skins for my old 3GS. They were lovely and convenient; easy to put on and take off with absolutely no residue.

I was going to use a photographic cardboard texture for the back. Then I opened up a texture I had been working on and decided to use it. I mean, it's not like I'm making photographic quality illustration. It's an artsy illustration. A photographic texture wouldn't match.

Here it is!
Screen capture of my art in the Decal Girl online customization app.

Placing the artwork in the custom skin is a simple to use and understand process. I did have to jiggle the front a bit and then had to reposition some of the art and re-upload the file. Not a problem, though. The upload was a tad slow but that may have been my connection. Still, it was well under two minutes, so I'm not complaining really.

The decal includes pieces for the rails. And a properly aligned home/lock screen download, too! They offer a downloadable template for the rails. For the body decals they offer only suggested dimensions. Those didn't work for me. I made paper copies and tried them out on my phone. I ended up measuring my phone and adjusting the file to fit.

I'd be happy to let you have this artwork, or a custom version of it, for your 4S, for a small fee. Very small! I can also make you a highly modified version. Let me know!

I'm really looking forward to getting my amusing skin!

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