Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One Major Issue with The Sims 3

Waiting for the third and final part of The Sims 3 to load.
I could read a book while this part of the game loads.
I may have discovered why it's called The Sims™ 3 and not because it's the third iteration of The Sims. The real reason is the game has to load 3 times. First, to load the "play or buy stuff" panel. Second, to load the "choose your saved game" panel. Third, to actually load the saved game for play.

Oh, and then there's the newly created "Do you really want to play without logging into the The Sims web site?" window. Since I can't create an account or log into my supposed previously created account, NO! I don't wish to log in.

Why do I continue to play this larded up game? Because once I get past all the load screens (after reading a book and washing my hair) it's a fun game. I've made three The Sims* avatars, taken a trip to a Chinese-like country, watched my avatar drive a motorcycle, and customized the house with all the best stuff. (Having a cheat code that gives me 30,000 Sim dollars helps a lot.)

I play mostly because I can't log into Second Life (SL). When I try, that game either won't load or let me teleport and almost always hangs. Then the router gets funky and has to be rebooted. I know it's a first world problem and I should be grateful to have technology even to complain about. Yet, I have friends in SL and fun stuff I enjoy, like flying, dancing, participating in pagan events, and walking around underwater.

Hoping to find a nice, gentle virtual world that loves me as much as I love it. And that those old school programmers discover that letting players actually play makes for happier clients which makes for more sales. Yes?

*A little wacky that the game is named "The Sims." I checked the web site. That's what they call it and that's how the CD is labeled. And while I'm on the subject, its Eagles, NOT The Eagles.

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