Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nosey Adobe

No. No, I don't have to sign in. And it's none of your business
when or how often I use your software.
Exactly what you don't want to see when booting up the computer: a software application login screen that you can't quit. I can force quit, but that's not the point. No software should pop to the front of my computer unless I asked it to. I did not give Adobe permission to place this screen on my computer. At least, not to my knowledge.

I'd like to find another software that lets me be an artist freely and professionally without all the passwords and locking-up that Adobe does. However, nothing is as good as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator are. As industry standards they make it difficult to use anything else.

I like to make comparisons to pre-computer tools. So, for example, if I had purchased a set of brushes and oils from Adobe, it would mean I could only use them if I unlocked them with a password and then only used them in one location. They would have to know when I used my supplies and for how long. (This is what logging in does, tracking where the software is being used, when, and by whom.) I would be unable to donate or gift my used brushes and partially emptied oil tubes. In fact, the only thing I could do that didn't require their consent would be to trash my supplies.

The first joy I had from computer programs was the unending supply of art tools. No more running out to the art shop when my pastels were worn down. No more last minute paint purchases when the tube emptied sooner than expected. No more broken erasers or dull pencils.

Adobe has squeezed that joy right out of their programs.

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