Tuesday, August 27, 2013

looking for an oil paint filter

Alien Skin make a nice bunch of filters under the title of Snap Art 3; one of which is oil painting. I'm still dithering about whether or not to use Photoshop since CS3 (which I own) is outdated and going defunct, and Photoshop CC (PSCC) is more than my machine can handle (not enough RAM for the 3D filter).

I have a set of actions that use the Oil Paint filter in PSCC which is not a part of CS3, so I tried to find an old one and Alien Skin is what I came up with. I am amazed at what these plug in do in the default settings. Here's a couple of examples (in close up).
Default "Oil Paint, Abstract (colorful)" filter with
a minor tweak of making the strokes shorter.

Default "Oil Paint" filter with no tweaks. Dig the texture!
These filters are to supposed to require PS CS4. But they work in my CS3. 

Still undecided.

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