Wednesday, October 15, 2003

first entry

Well, here I am. Starting another blog. Yes, I have another one. But I'm not telling you about it. This morning a friend asked me about my art. I told her what I was up to. It felt strange, as it usually does when I find myself explaining my life as an artist. But I like strange. Another friend's daughter recently described me as "Strange and nice." So okay. You will now have the opportunity to decide for yourself.

What "artsy" things did I do today?
- Wrote for 20 minutes about the first things that came in my head -- aka "stream of conciousness" or unconciousness as the case may be.
- Made a little scrap of art for my website. My goal is to do that daily and post the art on my website. Address later. Or not.
- Spent an hour foolling around with a new logo for my brother's new business. Fun actually. I feel inspired which is nice for a change. (smirk)

Aside from that, there was the bulk of the day at my job which is demanding in its' way.

End of first entry. (ya'll come back, k?)

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