Thursday, October 16, 2003

Love and Art

Tonight I've got a date with an angel. Maybe not, but he's an angel to me. When I get real high on love or adoration or any of the other really up emotions, I cease to create. I just experience. Much later I see it in my work. Sometimes I see it in my work before it happens.

When my 15-year realtionship ended suddenly last year, I didn't create anything for months. Partly because I was so busy with moving and damage control, and partly because there was nothing in me to lend to creativity. Except the creative problem solving I had to do to get through.

So, today I made nothing but a lovely day waiting for tonight. mmmmmmm

1 comment:

chezcyn414 said...

Elaine, I'm happy that you and your angel found each other. Experience and enjoy!