Sunday, March 28, 2004

why I can't work

I tried to add to this journal while on vacation in Delray Beach (FL) between the 13th and the 17th of this month. It didn't work. I tried to IM my journal but AOL wasn't having any.

Meanwhile, I'm back. The vacation was lovely. Since I've been back it's been hard to work. I have, in fact, a whole list of reasons why I can't work.

1. Because I don't feel like it.
2. Because it's too nice outside.
3. I'm too tired.
4. It's too late.
5. It's too early.
6. I'm not ready.
7. I have too many ideas in my head.
8. I don't feel like it.
9. It's too nice outside.
10. It's too cold.
11. I have to do the dishes, or clean the toilet or do laundry.
12. I'd rather watch a movie.
13. I need to take a shower.
14. I just had a long telephone conversation with my mother or a friend and I have no time left for working before I go to bed.
15. It's too easy.
16. It's not enough.
17. It's too much.
18. I have nothing to say.
19. I'm too empty.
20. I'm too full.

Like that. Just excuses. There's a group for people with excuses. It's call A.R.T.S. Anonymous. They have a web site: (Copy and paste into the browser - I'm too lazy to link it up. Tired of writing HTML.)

Promise to do better.

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cancunms said...

Wow. Awesome. I've been looking for reasons/rationalizations/excuses for why I'm not producing any new canvases. Can I borrow yours? Excuses, I mean, not your canvases. I, too, have been laid low by a severe case of spring fever, only I live in Grey Jersey, "down the Shore", and March was 31 days of varying shades of grey. Yucch. Here's to Real Spring, and opening up the windows of the studio. Cheers!