Tuesday, April 6, 2004


Okay. Well here's another fun AOLism. I had a grey square covering the fields that I normally fill in when I blog (subject, mood). Also there's no word wrap so I have this one long line.

I haven't added any entries lately because my AOL connection only lets me on for about 2 minutes at a time and I have to keep logging in to download all my 200 junk emails. So no time to journal.

I am writing daily now, following the idea of "The Artist's Way." I do about 10-20 minutes. I can't believe what a difference it makes to sit down and just write the first thing that comes into my head. My attidtude is better, I have more energy and I like myself better. Who would have thought all that can come from 10-20 minutes of nonsense? Not me. But it works.

So, buy the book, and work the exercises. If you don't work the exercises you miss 90% of the point of the book.

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