Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Here's some of what I wrote in my offline journal after I described the dream (see previous entry):
"... the purpose of churches is to turn off the senses that connect women (and maybe men) to the force that gives us the knowing we have that is called "witching." But that pejorative is too small to encompass the real meaning of what that talent and connection are. It is like being a priest. It is holy. It is not evil or slimy or something to be feared.

"... Forces are benign. People create their own evil because they can and because they don't understand loop holes. And because they lack knowledge and are afraid. Afraid of that core that connects them to the force and they have no right knowledge in how to use it.

"... Drawing is important to sketch the essence of a thing ... not so much what it really looks like in a technical way."

From that, I surmised that what matters is that I open myself to the connection and let it flow through me. And that's all there is. I told this to some friends who came to see my work and they just looked at me like stunned sheep. Is this something that should have been self-evident all these years? Am I the last one to know?

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